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Introductory Note:
The following information explains what taxes and fees apply when you purchase your tickets and other entertainment and travel arrangements with us. We hope that you find this explanation helpful. For ticket orders, the term "Taxes and Fees" means that we collect sales tax of 6.5% which is remitted to the state of Florida if required, since our operations and charging facility is located in Orlando, Florida. Also, when we list an amount as "taxes & fees" on the site, that sometimes means a tax recoupment charge. When we purchase tickets and other travel from our suppliers, often times we have to pay sales tax on the purchase and the sales tax is charged to you, the ultimate consumer. Therefore, what we're collecting from you is a tax recoupment charge that is equal to the amount we expect our travel suppliers to charge us.

Tickets and Travel
Unless otherwise noted, prices shown for travel packages are in USD for one adult, and if the travel package includes a hotel, based upon double occupancy. Prices are subject to change based upon your choice of travel dates, number of travelers, departure city, and your choice of flight, hotels or other items, and may require a minimum nights' stay. For Ticket orders, the information and all terms and conditions regarding the ticket products will be listed on our website for you to review prior to purchase. In most instances, ticket orders are non-refundable and non-transferable. We are able to offer the most competitive pricing and product selection by eliminating excessive service fees and relying on our database to connect directly to most of our suppliers. This prohibits us from being able to offer refunds and/or cancellations. Amounts displayed in the "taxes and Fees" line for ticket transactions consist of the amount that we expect the relevant attraction/event/travel supplier to bill us for any applicable taxes, governmental fees and other charges, as outlined above, plus an additional processing service fee that we retain as described below.

Additional Information
Information regarding taxes, governmental fees and other charges on any travel-related transactions not discussed above will be calculated and displayed to you prior to check-out. Also, remember that you may incur other charges while traveling that are not payable to us and are not included in the quoted price, such as resort fees, gratuities, parking fees, telephone fees and other incidentals.

We impose certain service fees as outlined below.

Shipping Fees
Some attraction ticket transactions require the delivery form of shipping. All packages over $125 are required to be shipped by UPS to ensure delivery. The shipping fees are standard fees that are delegated to us by our suppliers.

Miscellaneous Other Fees
Some ticket transactions may be available for electronic ticket delivery and various payment options may be available based on supplier availability. Various service fees and/or restrictions may be applicable. This information will be displayed prior to all purchases and additional delivery options are for your convenience.

Fees for Changes/Cancellations/Refunds
Our policy states that we do not accept cancellations, changes or refunds as per our contracts directly with our suppliers. However in certain instances if permitted, changes, cancellations and refunds may carry a fee of 10% that may vary by product, carrier and specific rules.

The total price of your transaction - for ticket orders, that will include all amounts payable to us, will be displayed before you make your purchase.